A hallway featuring light walls, dark wood floors, a white bench, wooden stairs, and a lamp with a white shade on the left.

The Little Things

There are often little things that come along in a real estate transaction you wouldn’t even think about, say, some stubborn tree branches scratching the paint off the gutters of your client's new construction home. Seems like such a little job but even those little jobs could be a major hassle to someone with no letter or tools for trimming large branches! My client Rachel would have had to go out of her way for something that should have been done by the builder.
I had to call in reinforcements, my mom & pop! These two drove in from the coast and brought over everything we needed for the job. While Rachel was at work, we trimmed the branches and cleaned up the mess. Now there’s no way her roof or gutters will be damaged from this tall walnut tree. One less thing Rachel has to worry about and just another way I go above and beyond for my clients.
Thank you Mom & Pop, so grateful for your help today.

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